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Bwahahaha Kagamine Len >D

Dec. 11th, 2009 | 10:09 am

Ehehehe I'm fangirling over Kagamine Len x3 He's just awesome like that. And he SINGS >D I should so change my dp and theme o.o
...yeah so Len's awesome :P I dunno why i came on here just to say it. I pulled livejournal up cuz im at school right now and were supposed to be doing a blog about To Kill a Mockingbird. Maybe I should start posting my brainfics on here? (brainfics are stories i make in my brain that play out like an anime xP)

Day 2...

Jul. 4th, 2008 | 09:15 pm
mood: tired tired

er...yea. day 2 O.o

...i need a jap tutor -.- in etiquette and language. i feel so rude here ><; and i cant even talk O.o or walk -.-
for breakfast....they eat noodles or rice O.o er...yea...oh ya! they dont have cashiers here. u kno wut they got? they got ticket machines in some restaurants. what happens? theres vending machine-like machines O.o you put in da moneh and push a button. a ticket comes out and u give it to the waiter. the u get ur food o.o basically, the ticket machine lets a restaurant receive payment first, also they dont need to hire a cashier O.o

i havent finished ONE meal from restaurants. its like, 500 yen (about $5) for this HUGE meal. and its not those unfilling instant stuff either. it STUFFS you. i felt so rude cuz apparently ur supposed to clear ur bowls and plates. everything down to the last morsel of rice. dont u feel rude if u let a whole bowl of rice over?

oh after dinner, we went to a convieniece (sp check O.o) store to buy ice cream (dads idea -.-). guess wut? theres icecream cones in there, like, mass produced, not like the ones in McDonalds. well its like those, but frozen, then put into a cap O.o 

er..yea theres not much done today >.> im having maple story withdrawl though >< im trying to play tetris attack to compensate.

other than that, that pretty much it...ok....

Me out ^^

Flight and Japan

Jul. 3rd, 2008 | 07:42 pm
mood: distressed distressed

er...posting for two days cuz i didn't have internet on the plane xD

anyways...the plane...ah yes...

first of all...i have a sprained ankle for those who dont know. second...did u know a sprained ankle gets special treatment? :D i was on the "priority list", so i get wheeled around the fast ways in a wheel chair and the best part: I GET TO SKIP ALL LINES :D lol. these two lines were like...iono...50 metres? i just went past em ^^ lol and my foot doesnt even hurt that much anymore xD well...then...now...er...ill get to it >.>

Have you EVER tried sitting in ONE CRAMPED CHAIR FOR MORE THAN 12 HOURS?? Honestly, i  just HAD TO KICK SOMETHING. I wish i had Executive (first class) seats. T-T so comfortable..u can even lie down completely T-T

i had to watch the first narnia movie 2 times...sorta. I watched til the end once. I wanted to watch again but halfway through the beginning it got boring already >.> I luv da fight scene though :D isso violent >:D lol. after the second time watching the flight scene, i tried watching it in japanese. yea, they offered the feature >.> it makes everyone sound younger though >.> 

Da food..meh..ok, lunch, we got a choice of chicken or tempura. i chose tempura. it wasnt half bad for non-executive  class >.> the tempura...was soggy, but otherwise fine if u ignored the burnt parts. da rice..omg..isso good ^o^.lol. i wanted to be asian and use chopsticks but i couldt find it >.> at the end of the meal...i found them -.- oh yea, the soy sauce..OMG THE CONTAINER ISSO KYOOT!!!!!!! ^.^ they put soy sauce into these tiny cute little fishy squirters ^^ now that i think about it...it isnt that cute. >.> alright, forget lunch...the snack...was instant noodles and 3 sandwiches. the instant noodles were...well, what can u say about instant noodles? O.o dinner...it was rice. im not talkin figuative. im talking about RICE. they hand u a bowl or rice..with bits of meat and seasoning. i was like...wtf? no tempura? O.o not even a good piece of chicken??

yea...after we landed in japan...heres were we start dying >.> this old man flight attendant was wheelin me around (we got to skip lines again ^^), it was impossible to communicate. my mom was talking elaborate stuff and im like...>.>

so we sit AGAIN in a bus for an hour. and guess what? stairs >.> i slipped...and my ankle re-sprained...now im sitting here, with my hands cramping and my foot with this red dot on it o.o it doesnt hurt...and thats a bad thing o.o

er..yea...did u kno everything is square in japan? O.o even watermelons O.o

there...im done for now....i wanna sleep T^T or play MS =P 

Me out! :D


Jun. 21st, 2008 | 02:40 pm
mood: hyper hyper

Well, I'm posting for Thursday, June 19th cause I was too tired to do anything but sleep O.o. Also, I forgot about LIveJournal for Friday xD. So lets pretend its Thursday xD And I can't really write in a journal format so its a diary o.o I don't put personal stuff in a diary btw xD

Anyways, my day at Canada's Wonderland...

Thanks to peer pressure, I finally rode my first "REAL" rollercoaster(s). o.O 

My friends and I went onto the nice and light ones first, cause I didn't wanna die of panic and heart attack xD After lunch, they eventually convinced me to go on the faster ones. Well, not really. After lunch, they went on Behemoth, and since I'm weak of heart, I just waited...for almost 30 mins, for my friends to get off. -.- Then I pestered them to go on some rides the I thought I could handle.

The Orbiter is so boring though -.- Well it got me used to loop de loops. On the note of loops, did you know Behemoth shattered all my beliefs? My belief was that the only reason why I was scared of roller coasters was because I couldn't take loops. While I was waiting in line for Backlot Stunt Coaster with everyone, this subject came up. I said, and I quote, "I always thought that I was afraid of roller coasters because of Loop de loops. THAT THING *points to Behemoth* shattered all my beliefs." Lol it was kinda funny though xD Backlot Stunt Coaster was awesome :D I wish I wasn't so scared though >.> I shut my eyes for everything and I couldn't see the scenery D: Same with Vortex. I'll get back to Vortex later.

In Stunt Coaster, it gives like, a 60km/h boost at the beginning, so it's fast from the start. There's this part where you go into a black tunnel and you can't see anything. Fine by me; I was closing my eyes anyways xD When we saw light, Alina, my BEST SCHOOL FRIEND (you know, I just realized that >.>), was like "DROP!" right when we were going to the drop o.o After the drop I was like "KINDA LATE!" xD

On to Vortex. Did you know my Grandma went on it before she died? O.o She was what, 65-70 riding that thing. While everyone was screaming, she was just looking around like "Why is everyone screaming? What's so scary?" and then when it stopped, she was like "Oh, it's over already?". She wasn't even scared o.o So I went on it today. LIke the Stunt Coaster, I slammed my eyes shut. I regret it thought because half the fun is being scared. I'd have to shut my eyes for the drops though. >.>  

Judy won this huge stuffed fish at the ring toss o.O It was a stroke of luck...and since she got it, I thought I could get it too. 40 tries for 5 bucks. It wasn't worth it >.> Low probability, yet Judy got it >.> 

So on the bus home, I slept o.o Simple as that xD

(Psst! I know I'm writing for Thursday, but let's jump ahead to Friday xD)

When Wonderland was brought up in discussion, Alina told me a was screaming the whole time in both "real" roller coasters o.o I was like, "Really? Meh, I wasn't conscious of that." Oh yea, on topic of injury to Alina's ears, I also somehow hit her elbow on Stunt. I was like "Really? Then how come my elbow isn't hurting? O.o". When Alina went of Behemoth with Sandy, Sandy was like, crush Alina's arm and stopping her circulation when they saw the fall XDDD. Sandy has funny expressions when she's scared xD

Ok...you know what, I've written too much xD